• Xtreme Aerodynamics R18 Body (un-cut)

Xtreme Aerodynamics R18 Original Body

0.75mm thickness

Xtreme Aerodynamics have introduce two all-new variants of their R18 1/8th on-road body platform in the form of the R18 Evo and the R18 Flat. Featuring similar rear end designs the two bodies differ by the front end aerodynamics with the Evo being meant to offer more steering thanks to the protruding “nose” section in the front, while the Flat type generates very high downforce with its simpler but effective design. Both bodies are available in light and ultra light versions, either uncut or precisely pre-cut for a number of cars.

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Xtreme Aerodynamics R18 Body (un-cut)

  • Brand: Matrix
  • Product Code: MX-MTB0402-07
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  • $37.95